Our vision is to be the preferred choice for relaxation, lodging and accommodation in terms of comfort and cleanliness, prompt service, modern and functional facilities, convenience and security.


To provide affordable quality service to everyone we come in contact with, using a core of lean, efficient, polite, and highly motivated and God fearing professionals.


Our customers are GOLD and ROYALE to us.  They are the very reason why we exist and they deserve the very best!

How We See our Workers

We see our workers as colleagues and partners in progress and that the wages paid to them are not counted as grace but as debt (Romans 4:4).


Our company has a unique acronym that has become our culture and endeared guests and customers to us, CCPG – Cleanliness, Courtesy, Prompt Service and Guest Satisfaction.


Cleanliness and Hygiene of Operational Environment:

Our environment and facilities are always kept clean in line with environmental best practice and admiration of our customers.


Quality of Service:

We see our guests as GOLD and ROYALE, hence we offer top of the class service next to none because we ensure that guests are always attended to without delay and they receive value for money.  We are generally acknowledged and addressed as “the comfort zone” due to the deserved quality service we give our customers.


General Attitude of our staff in Service Delivery:

It is our believe that we are in business because of our guests, so we have never thought it otherwise to demonstrate the best of attitude and deliver quick and quality service to our guests. Our staff greet guests and fellow employees with smiles and warmth; we invest heavily on staff training which has sustained professionalism and redefined hospitality which is well acknowledged by our guests. Our core achievement of staff Training and Development is GUESTS’ SATISFACTION.